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$65.00 Bread & Butter Plate
Bread & Butter Plate
$60.00 Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup

$225.00 Round Cake Platter
Round Cake Platter
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$475.00 Round Coffee Pot
Round Coffee Pot
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$265.00 Round Sugar Bowl
Round Sugar Bowl
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$475.00 Round Tea Pot
Round Tea Pot
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$245.00 Serving Plate
Serving Plate
$75.00 Tea Cup
Tea Cup

$55.00 Tea Saucer
Tea Saucer
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Jardins de Florence

Tuscany, mythical Italian countryside, displays its cypress trees which reach the sky. The nuances of colors evoke the Florence sun and the Sienna earth. Use at your table, Jardins de Florence and Toscane transport you to a warm and convivial Italian universe.

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Deep round platter Deep round platter

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Dhara Peacock coffee cup blending with the blue paisley table cloth.
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Founded in 1826, Deshoulieres is the leading French porcelain manufacturer specializing in tableware products. Rich with tradition, you will quickly recognize the true and elegant spirit of the style that is synonymous with France. We utilize trends ...Read More »

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