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Recent Registries

Registry picture Samantha Federman Jack Levis Sep 28, 2019
Bonita Marie Pelham Kelvin R Edwards Sep 1, 2019
Registry picture Ann McCampbell David Boyajian Jun 29, 2019
Registry picture Mary Anne Morgan Sean Fitzpatrick Jun 22, 2019
Registry picture Katherine Rainbolt Clark Ennis Jun 15, 2019
Registry picture Bailey Gatewood Andrew Mlady Jun 1, 2019
Registry picture Erika Kouri Paul Shadid Jun 1, 2019
Registry picture Lillyan Eileen Taylor Ryan Fisher Shelley Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Casey Shelley Mark Simpsen Apr 7, 2019
Registry picture Alexandra Stapleton Sharif Matar Apr 6, 2019
Registry picture Anna Homsey Shane Shadid Feb 9, 2019
Jordan Surrett Matthew Morrow Jan 12, 2019
Danielle Beck Michael Jewell Jan 4, 2019
Registry picture Madeline Hamm Chase Griggs Dec 30, 2018
Registry picture Molly Clements Patrick Fisher Dec 29, 2018
Registry picture Abbey Ronck John Krahl Dec 8, 2018
Registry picture Anna Padgett Seigel Tyler Transou Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Kylee Claire Keeth Sam Rainbolt Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture Caitlin Bentley Robert Samis Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture ASHLEY Dawn SOULE Branden Cox Oct 6, 2018
Registry picture Rebecca Arnold Joe Smaby Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Kaela Brooke Gillum Kyle Preston Hawari Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Hayley Miller David Krahl Sep 22, 2018
Lynne Elizabeth Parrish Robert Andrew Baer III Sep 2, 2018
Registry picture Alexa Cook Augie Sherman Aug 4, 2018
Registry picture Catherine Holtmyer Nick Callaway Jul 28, 2018
Registry picture Emily Cox Mac Katigan Jul 7, 2018
Registry picture Kathryn Rykard Will Shook Jun 23, 2018
Registry picture Emma Sherman Bryan Sayler Jun 16, 2018
Registry picture Gracie Geurin George Bradley Jun 16, 2018
Registry picture Olivia Amundsen Matt Castrejana Jun 8, 2018
Registry picture Elizabeth Franklin Patrick Gilbert May 5, 2018
Registry picture Andrea Evenson Travis Cunningham May 5, 2018
Eden Bell Pourchot Cody Law Jan 20, 2018
Caitlin Knoepp Chase Mattison Jan 13, 2018
2016 Registries
Ali Mattison & Andrew Holloway   ~   January 16, 2016
Katelyn Connelly & Patrick Altendorf   ~   January 16, 2016
Brittany Todare & Robert Herritt   ~   February 13, 2016
Julie Shdeed & Mark Beffort   ~   February 20, 2016
Colby Anderson & Brian Varacchi    ~    March 28, 2016
Kortney Haynes & Daniel Brummel   ~   April 9, 2016
Courtney Martin & Daniel Gedney   ~   April 23, 2016*
Meredith Welch & Michael Knudsen   ~   May 7, 2016*
Megan Ryan & Brian Palmisano   ~   May 14, 2016*
Whitney Eckert & Nathan Huffman   ~   May 21, 2016*
Brooke Anthony & Nathan Overbey   ~   May 28, 2016*
Meg Weir & Matthew Payne    ~    June 18, 2016*
Jaime Jones & William Payne    ~   June 25, 2016*
Francie Love & Joe Koop   ~  July 9, 2016*
Jourdan Bishop & Derek Srouji   ~   July 16, 2016*
Lara Turci & Greg Faust   ~   July 23, 2016*
Megan Swisher & Albert Rayle   ~   July 23, 2016*
Victoria Rellas & Turner Peterson   ~   August 6, 2016*
Lauren Ottaway & Rich Johnson   ~   August 27, 2016*
Jessica Summers & Kevin Edwards  ~  August 27, 2016*
Katie O'Brian & Adam Goodrich  ~  September 3, 2016*
Maggie Miller & Will Bertintsky   ~   November 19, 2016*
Nicole Hodges & Will McGarry  ~  October 1, 2016*
Chloe Shelby & Colton Cumbie   ~   December 10, 2016*
Ande Courtney & Jacob Robertson  ~  January 14, 2017*
Laura Sterkel and Austan Lee  ~  April 8, 2017*

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Our best wishes to...

Chloe & Colton who are celebrating their 2nd Wedding anniversary

Molly & Patrick who are celebrating their Wedding

Madeline & Chase who are celebrating their Wedding

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