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$26.00 Party Dot Tumbler
Party Dot Tumbler $26.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$28.00 Perle Beverage White
Perle Beverage White $28.00 ($US) 6 Likes
$39.00 Perle Flute
Perle Flute $39.00 ($US) 6 Likes
$22.00 Perle Tumbler
Perle Tumbler $22.00 ($US) 5 Likes
$39.00 Perle Wines
Perle Wines $39.00 ($US) 4 Likes
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Zafferano, a Venetian company directed by Federico de Majo, has been creating collections of tasting glasses and tableware in glass since 2001.
This is a company in which creativity and Italian design make up the basis for product design and realization of objects created not only to be functional and decorative but also to bring dreams and ...... Read More